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    July 28, 2012
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but berlin 1961, obviously in college at that time and described behind-the-scenes construction of the berlin wall with khrushchev and kennedy and interesting to compare that with what is happening today. a complicated man, history of -- i always mention in an interview for the book, reading because i am in the book but again, i was the first president serving under bill clinton and interesting to read that. also for basic sets of books on islamic terrorism and foreign policy and biography of bill clinton. >> for more information on this and other summer reading lists visit >> up next on booktv jason
mattera reports on several celebrities that according to the author don't practice the same politics that they advocate for. this is just under an hour. [applause] >> how are you guys doing? they one, right? awesome. it is great to be at a young americans foundation conference but young america foundation is always on the cutting edge of introducing young people to conservative ideas and insuring that you have those ideas and availability to really go ahead and ricochet those ideas on your campus and your high school and your school and when you are in college whatever college you decide on attending you like the chris rock video? chris rock actually the cameras didn't catch it because he tried to smash it. it went off but he wanted to
fight me afterwards. he was conveniently standing behind two bodyguards and one of them was right in front of him lunging over his shoulder. you want to fight? let's do it right now in addition to a bunch of other expletives coming out of his mouth. he is super skinny like 100 lbs. skinny. seriously. you don't want to fight. behind two bodyguards but definitely skinnier than i expected which draws the studio. i want to be honest with you. there are two things that keep me awake at night. two things. number one is the debt churning thought of another four years of barack obama. the second is the fear that next season's dancing with the stars will feature judge andrew
napolitano. [laughter] you guys have no taste. come on? doesn't she look like a bowling pin with a to pay on it? i kid. but barack obama another four years, i am dead serious about that. the country just can't handle it. if you look at what barack obama has done he has done more than even his committed -- he has racked up more debt than their first forty-one u. s. presidents combined from george washington to george w. bush, he has racked up more debt in 2-1/2 years as president barack obama racked up more deficits than george w. bush in all eight years combined and george w. bush was fighting two wars and barack obama had more deficits and two years than george bush did in eight years.
he socialized health care which the congressional budget office says is going to sway 800,000 jobs but more importantly for young people for us it is going to raise our premiums because in obamacare it is tough to weigh a provision that says insurance companies can no longer very price according to one's age or health status. insurance companies look at us and see again healthy individual and say you got to pay the same rate as your parents and grandparents. a huge redistribution of wealth from young to old and the left celebrates it. youth unemployment at historic highs. you have almost double the national average with those 18 and older and you look at the key to unemployment. many of you are in this category if not all of you and in america right now only 30% of teenagers
are employed. 30% of teenagers are employed because employers say it is too expensive in the down economy that was supposed to be recovering and for three year sins the stimulus package passed too expensive to hire young people. pretty much the obama presidency has been a disaster. barack obama is currently less popular than a sexually transmitted disease. but yet you still might say no chance, no way he will rein in the oval office and other four years with this record and i say not so fast because barack obama and the left are counting on a secret ally. and ally that helped him get into the oval office in 2008 and boosted him to stardom from obscurity and the biggest industry in america. we hear a lot in washington d.c.
about super pac money and the evils of wall street and lobbying but yet the left is always silent about the biggest industry in america on barack obama's side and that is hollywood. hollywood not only can sell an individual on the big screen but help with fund-raisers. the fund-raiser george clooney hosted in the last two month for barack obama. a fund-raiser that got $15 million in one evening, $15 million and barack obama is hoping hollywood is going to have the same effect it did in 2008. hollywood is counting on barack obama. they have an allegiance to barack obama. emanual not have heard of but have seen his movies is jeffrey katzenberg and. he is the dreamworks animation c e o. he says this. i have a dependency on barack obama. we must keep fighting for him so he can keep fighting for us.
hollywood is dependent in their own words on barack obama. he loves them and they loved him and that is how he launched into stardom. it goes back to a little-known story that i write about in "hollywood hypocrites". an individual named david geffen. you have seen his movies. he is part owner of dreamworks. he and bill clinton in the 90s were tight. they had a man crashed on each other. when david was in washington d.c. he would spend his time in the lincoln bed room. when bill clinton was in california he would crash at his had. but then bill clinton did what was considered unforgivable. he granted a pardon to a fu whtive finance year by the
name of mark rich but refused to grant a pardon to leonard health --pelti --peltier. he is serving consecutive life sentences for aiding and abetting the execution-style murders of not one but two fbi agents. there is nothing that excites the left more than, killers. just look at aby jamal who has been done that year for 30 years and the left still has there posters every time there is some type of rally. has nothing to do with jamal. but david geffen was fuming man. i am done with bill clinton and need to search for a true. died in will progress that he found that person in barack obama. someone committed to the ideology of progressivism. that is why he started to organize star-studded fun seaisr
for barack obama and barack obama out of nowhere started to appear on the oprah winfrey -- he was on set with ellen degeneres dancing. granting concerts' with dave matthews. he was the american idol candidates and for someone like david geffen it paid off in big dividend to. he was granted exclusive access to the white house. david geffen, there he is. appointing him at his side. michelle ng obama the food which ready to pounce on any non organic item and the first state o tepartment dinner for minister of in the at and the prime minister wearing a sweet turbabut d hollywood committed to barack obama. barack obama committed to
hollywood and they will stop but nothing to have another four years of him. that is why we have to muzzle hollywood. i don't mean in the way the left does. the left tries to silence dissent. they don't want a debate and different ideas and let someone come to their own conclusions. i want to analyze their public -- do they actually live by the set of policies they seek to inflict on the rest of america or are they engaged in hypocrisy. we deserve to know. mets start out. we have made ryan here. that is jon bonphasovi. jon bonphasovi is apppdnted to o white house council on community solutions whatever that means. i do not know. he is a presidential appointee.
he is not that st the cheese b rocker from the 80s. why is this important? in the state of newphasersey if you are classified is a farmer you get to write off 98% of your n hroperty taxes, 98% of your property taxes. bonn rt vi is so committed to te reelection of barack obama that recently he was flying on air force one to go to a fund-raiser and performing exclusively to a crowd that would raise millions of dollars for barack obama and one of the people barack obama is telling us aren't paying their fair share and he goes out of his way on his tan hr recorde is not a musician. not cheese ball 80bilrocker. he is a b farmer. does anyone want to take a guess how much bonnphasovi pace in pr and berty-tan hr this? a dollar figure? anyone want to pheese ab
right there. $1,000. no. bond jovi. one more pheess. eromom here between -- he pays $104 in property taxes. to put that in perspective bonn jovi pays more to highlight his hair than he does on property tan hres and yet he is performi for barack obama who constantly nags us that the rich arears t paying their fair share. that is w ch we have the vpdce, bneece springsteen. he has always decried tax cuts for the rich even more than bond adovi. when the issue was raised in the n hlusiolic he will write to hi local paper. and say that rich people shouldars t get tan hr cuts. he said recently you can't have an american civilization with the disparity of wealth we have. the country's heart and soul and
erpirit is what he told the en.nday times london. his new track jack of all trades rails ajoinst big bankers who grow fat on wall street as the working man is growing thibut d okay. that is his belief. he is entitled to that. it turns out the boss bruce is. how to take some exploited steps and takes advantage of some arcane loophole in the state of new jersey most people don't know about to classify himself not as a musician but as a
farmer and 98% of property taxes. next up we have barbra streisand. barbara streisand is committed to the cause of global warming. this is a woman who harps on her website about the global warming emergency fund and she says you and i can take baby steps toward off the catastrophe that is climate change. she says we can change lightbulbs and don't run the dishwasher until it is full. fine. sins steps to save energy and help the environment. turns out barbra streisand while she tells you and me that spends $22,000 a year watering her garden and lawn. $22,000 a year. requests 120 bath size taliban entering the production studio which was used to claim 1353 ft
semitrailers used at her concert. 1350, three ft semitrailers. she is the carbon dioxide wrecking ball. in fact for you and i -- we have to go around all day long spraying aerosol cans in the air. of course the left is only following after the footsteps of the guru of massages al gore whose tennessee home used 20 times the amount of electricity as wal-mart shopping -- he harps all the time about the environment. next up we have harrison ford. you may be wondering what is harrison ford doing? he is getting his chest waxed. maybe wondering why is harrison
ford -- great actor, i love the indiana jones series -- why is he getting his chest waxed? he wanted to bring awareness to climate change so he had somebody wax up his chest for youtube commercial. how exactly does this bring awareness to climate change? i don't know. it made sense to harrison ford at the time. liberal environmentalist -- turns out that harrison ford getting his chest waxed for the cameras, his brother owns not one or two or three or 6 but seven airplanes. seven airplanes outside the home and he has stated on the record he often flies up the coast for a cheeseburger. you want to lecture the rest of us about the environment?
for a cheeseburger, a big mac. i think a lot of those in hollywood -- the environmental high. you don't have to read the mountains of scientists coming out that make a mockery of the idea that man is responsible for warming the planet. with that the behavior of these hollywood -- if the earth were really on the precedents of disaster because of global warming with actors and actresseses traipsing the globe in their private jets or would they be using movie studios that produce obscene amounts of energy sucker punch in the earth? not at all. i would tell barack obama and his liberal friends in hollywood that i will alter my life style as soon as they alter theirs. would be kind of cool tone seven
jets. next we have all the wood hatemonger spike lee. huge barack obama supporter. in january he held a fund-raiser for barack obama in the upper east side in manhattan that brought close to $2 million. spike lee is just an awful human being. the guy has racial animosity using and dripping all over him. it is interesting that barack obama would break bread with someone like spike lee because he is like during the rest of us how mean-spirited talk radio is and how mean-spirited political culture has become and has a problem hanging out with spike lee. he takes the hike down memory lane in 2008 and said obama's triumph was a chance to move beyond -- speights put it these old black politicians say master hired a lot of the sand was
good. they have to understand this is a new day. he also referred to general colin powell and clarence thomas as thinking like whites. he went on to say there is a difference between having a black skin and black thinking. he has referred to american actors like q but gutting jr. as behaving in a servile way. both those factors us selling out to the white industry in hollywood. last but certainly not least spike lee has gone after clint eastwood. he went after clint eastwood and said his two movies flags of our fathers and letters from iwo jima didn't have enough black people. was a racist. clint eastwood would not include black people in his movies and flags of our fathers and letters
from iwo jima. turns out after the first movie flags of our fathers about the american soldiers who raised the american flag none of whom were black. the second movie letters from iwo jima were told from the perspective of the japanese soldiers, none of whom were black. not only is spike lee a racist but also a dumb ass. [applause] we should all be thankful that spike lee's racism has matured over the years. 20 years ago he was telling the london guardian newspaper after visiting south africa he wanted to pick up a gun and start shooting whites. that is what he said in the early 90s.
next up matt damon. we get that. i love matt damon. his movies are awesome. total major-league hypocrite. matt damon says he is committed to the code of nonviolence and peace-loving progressivism. i won't lend my voice to video games and i actually look at the violence in a script before i accept a movie deal. that is what he said. this is what matt damon said. i always look at the violence in a script. i don't want it to be gratuitous because i do believe that has an effect on people's behavior. i really do believe that and i have turned down movies because of that. that came in saying he turned down the fees because of violence. seriously. his movies have been orgies of
violence and i am glad they have them. movies would suck without violence. all this firearm training and martial arts training. don't be fooled. i don't like guns and i am still committed to the cause of peace. he is so committed to the cause of peace this is how he advertises his movie. with a rifle pointed at your face. $26 million of of his movies. his disdain for violence ends for his lust for dirty movie begins. he had no choice but to be a maker to meet hypocrite influenced by academia and hollywood the two reservoirs of hypocrisy this side of anthony wiener's twitter account. next up alec baldwin, father of the year. why do i call alec baldwin
father of the year? what father of the wouldn't leave a voicemail on his 11-year-old daughter's phone calling her a rotten little pig. in the wake of the ball when p r meltdown alec wrote a book. after calling his daughter wrought little ticket he wrote a book called of promise to ourselves:a journey through fatherhood and divorce. he wrote a book on fatherhood. after calling his daughter a rotten little pig. in any event the hypocrisy comes in to play with a wall street bailout. in 2008 we debated whether to give wall street $800 billion alec baldwin sided with the attitudes of many conservatives including myself. he was riding in the huffington post if you give them the bank $700 billion make the mission stock. make every recipient of the
bailout issue stock in return to our investment. don't give them the dough. make themselves stake in their company's. investment firms and insurance companies will only give the money to small local banks. to hell with wall street he wrote. don't give them the money. don't alone it. make them sell us a piece of the action. fine. alec baldwin is opposed to the wall street bailout goes ahead and becomes a pitchman for capital one which receives $3.56 billion in wall street bailout money. he justified the partnership by saying i am doing a series of commercials for capital one. capital one was so great in cooperating with me to set up base force for people to contribute on line capital one will match to give to the
americans for the arts. ok for alec baldwin to be a hypocrite and blast the wall street bailout and partner with a firm that took the wall street bailout money as long as they're giving that tax dale -- bailout money to save the are trapped -- alec baldwin demonstrated what a diversity loving lefty he is by taking to twitter to call senator jim inhofe and will work and that he should retire to a solar powered gay bar. i don't think solar powered gay bars exist. could be wrong. maybe that is what we have to look forward to in the future but this is striking on multiple levels. liberals always tell us we need to express our sexually. express your sector while the.
march on the campus. march on the streets. other than derisively talking about gay rights if alec baldwin were a true tolerant nothing left the he would have offered him his first sexual experience. [laughter] arianna huffington, the darling of the left. one scary broad. she pulled off what few progressive thought possible. he sold the huffington post to $315 million and got a reported $100 million out of the deal. the 9,000 loggers who spent six years working for her for free, a big fat nothing.
zero of that $100 million she reportedly got. in typical progressive fashion was hysterical. one blotter we made the huffington post and we are being abandoned. another disgruntled sucker wrote he regrets publishing an estimated $25,000 worth of content and a slap in the face to the real victims of slavery. arianna not only sold her soul and shipper of slaves but sold the seas of her demise with this act of greed and exploitation. when arianna huffington's told the huffington opposed she made her that the fan base so upset i didn't know whether to shove her or give her a high five. in reality she knows a lot about corporate greed. she wrote a book called pigs at the truck:how corporate greed and political or russian are undermining america.
that is where this comes from. the litany of sins committed by the high priest of profits is a study in fact, treasury, pride and most of all agreed, greed legal greed. you have arianna huffington the priestess of pig as i call her in "hollywood hypocrites" denouncing corporate empires while she goes ahead and builds her own. it turns out arianna huffington have are point out in "hollywood hypocrites" a little known fact this is less ideological but certainly knew and revelatory for me, she belongs to a new age cult in california. a new age cult that is pronounced messiah. they call themselves messiah and she swears allegiance to some guy by the name of john roger deuce says he is the embodiments of a figure that is higher than
jesus christ and this figure comes to work every 25,000 years and she swears allegiance to him and his part of this new age called messiah. an interesting fact most people don't know, arianna huffington, the progressive progressive you sins a publisher of the left is part of a cult priestess in a cult in california. next up skinny boy michael more. michael more actually said something in 2008 that i agreed with and probably you will too. he was that the travelers city film festival in michigan and he was denouncing hollywood subsidies. in 41 states around the country there's a little-known program that is budget busters. ..
fallon to release the moore's socialism -- evandera,a son, a love story, a film that grossed $70 million worldwide turned out to michael moore requested and was approved to get $1 million of the same for a cash just condemned two years earlier.
that's right, he went to the state of michigan and got $1 million from michigan citizens to go ahead and produce capitalism, iraq story, which grossed more than $17 million in worldwide sales. but of course it is our duty to send michael moore money. after all, the brother is in need. you know, what makes these hypocrisies particularly egregious essay pointing out in "hollywood hypocrites" is not what it says about human failings. we don't all live up to a standard that we may strive to. what it says is the logic of obama's radical agenda that not even his staunchest allies in hollywood, not only his biggest backers will live by the seeks to hoist on the rest of us. so listen, i don't care bruce
springsteen calls himself a farmer says he can write his property tax weird if i lived in new jersey over to the exact same thing. i don't care arianna huffington is hard news business. i don't care harris and ford owns seven jumbo jets. it's pretty cool. must be one mighty fine cheeseburger. i don't care that not damon stars in violent movies. i encourage them to start more. keep going. i don't care about that. but please don't advocate the use of heavy-handed government taxes to squash the very liberties and freedoms you use to catapult yourself into prosperity and start him. and that's a we have to bring to the table when pointing out hollywood hypocrisy with hypocrisy from the left in general. but we've got to be missionaries in our schools. and i'm glad you guys are here.
you guys certainly one not me. but she have to take the information. there's a lot more that hollywood doesn't want you to know about in the books. i encourage you to get it. with the information you get from not let the book, but the information out of data americas conference from a factory they hear from a variety of speakers and the foundation staff meticulously put together notice and books and activism materials for you to go ahead and do something with it. one of my favorite passages of scripture is not to just be heroes of the work, you want to be doers of the work and are expecting you to go ahead and be doers of the work is secured and that's what it means to go ahead and evangelize the good ideas of liberty and freedom. don't be ashamed or apologetic of it.
be proud of it. young people rarely hear conservative ideas. when they hear them for the first time it sounds fresh, rebellious and sounds provocative. all things that really young and hungry minds thirst for. they're eager to hear about it. you're in a great position to go ahead and spread the word. i can speak with you an authority that subject because i did the same thing. i did that when i was in college. i think you've won up the monotony. you should look at me and say he's under 30 years old, two "new york times" bestsellers. i started at a young america's foundation's conference, help them during the summer, brought speakers to my campus and working as their spokesman for five years and that's how i got started on the scene. or you didn't even have to be involved in conservative movement at dvds full time. it's whatever fear of influence to get involved in. certainly in high school and certainly when you get to
college to go around and be unapologetic about the ideas because most people want to be let in a state then. they want to be let you leaders. don't be sheep. sheep eat some of the herd them. if you have liberals, we see what obama disaster will occur. so last time around conservative setback and let barack obama steamrolled them by his celebrity field whole machine. this time around i say we didn't steamrolling because it's our future. it's our future, therefore it's got to be our fight. thank you. [applause] all right. questioning. that metal microphone.
>> hello, jason. ground rules from santa clara, california. you've identified and i definitely agree with you that the liberal influence in hollywood has been a big supporter of obama and is definitely a threat to deal with in the next election. i want to know what you think as quickly an example from the past of ronald reagan when he fought communism in the battle of hollywood. he encouraged a couple meetings for fear of violence against him, but he stood boldly and walk straight through the front door into those events. how is it that we cannot figuratively speaking through the front door and boldly combat this threat in the next election? >> use the opportunities before you. it is no surprise that sure i'd the young america foundation event. young america foundation saved the ronald reagan ranch and its
making young people are introduced to reagan's ideas. reagan was bold with his pronouncement. he was not shameful or shy about his conservative ideas. and he actually had a maturation process. he started out as a democrat. he had some loss in the past that he wasn't proud of in the state of california, but more and more easterly to a conservative ideas, especially when he was a spokesman for general at drake and young americans for freedom actually sponsored a radio show by ronald reagan. he was a great communicator and the fact he was in hollywood help and was a great example of how pop culture is so influential on society. most people come especially on the right thinks they are going to change the attitude of the country through washington d.c. and legislative months. i don't believe that. i think you change society by influencing culture.
politics runs downstream from culture. that's why i'm encouraging that. go live in california comest in california. try to become part of the hollywood crew. don't put that she went to young america foundation conference on your resume of course, but get involved in the arts, sciences, become a musician. i mean, there's tons of lawyers and policy think tanks in washington d.c. i think we have the best of them on our side, but we are lacking and going out and making conservative ideas relevant to her generation and so we have to do because our principles don't change, whether you're 18 or 80. but the manner in which you convey principles to change. there's no uniform to be a conservative. you have a bedrock set of irreducible principles that you believe in now user platform, whatever that platform may turn out to be, go ahead and use it
for conservative ideas. figure out a way to influence their peers by speaking conservative ideas in a manner that is relevant to them. [applause] >> is a small circle in hollywood is really good people who are working kind of in affiliation with the mostly types of things you're talking about. i do now, what we have these guys appear that you're talking about, we also have a few really good conservative out yours, filmmakers, et cetera. as someone who would like to work in the industry when they have worked to overcome the challenges that these people have created, i'd like to know who you believe are some of the top filmmakers, at turns, et cetera who are truly conservative and doing the right thing in hollywood.
>> well, i cannot help them publicly. there are some people that are pretty open. his career has been established. there's a lot of people under the radar who are pretty famous that i just know from talking to people behind the scenes and spending time in hollywood. there is a movement that is not so much secret anymore called friends of abraham lincoln who were a bunch of conservatives get together in a month to be says and these are all people throughout the industry, some of higher rules come as some start like yourself. we can certainly get in touch afterwards and it can steer you in the right direction. the bias is definitely real. people i know who work at mtv and vh1 who are conservative, but they will never go out of say so because of fear of richard reid should have what would happen. so i think there is a growing
movement to people who are fed up with the direction of the country. they may not identify as conservative, but they know something is wrong and they know hollywood in general is so aloof from the particulars of this country. that is why someone like tom hanks can get up at cnn say, obama has been so great. he's actually expanded the expectations of what a president can do. i mean, what world do you live in where he's expanded your expectations? but wow, i did know he could do so much. this is so awesome. sign me up. combat is because bottom line is hollywood isemotional. they are emotional by their very duties. they have to play other people almost every single day of their lives and get us to go spend 15 bucks to hear -- to watch a movie. they are emotional beings.
that's her talent and that's where they're attracted to liberalism because what is liberalism? liberalism is nothing more than a temper tantrum with a political labor attached to it. every time you have a rational discussion of what to do with the country, you want to go ahead and reform medicare or social security, and you see what her take on that, mathematically these programs are going broke, so somebody like paul ryan puts together, certainly not radical proposals, but proposals that would curb the growth of medicare and have a sustainable for those who need it. and what does the left to? they publish commercials of a paul ryan look-alike pushing a grandmother off of a cliff. hope you have a rational conversation with these people? but that is their ammo. every time you have a discussion it's always an emotional
outbursts. we have to actually pepper our message. i'm at the same emotional outbursts, but able to have the communication through emotional appeal because conservatives use logical thinking people. we have to be logical thinking but remember a lot of americans are emotional creatures as well, so we have to have a healthy balance. [applause] [inaudible] >> my question is by what millionaires in hollywood want to back obama? were going to tax them to death with the exception of bon jovi but this do you find away -- and with that hard-earned money, but they live in hollywood so it can't be that hard. >> to be fair, it's hard work to put together a movie and salad. but why would they align themselves with liberals who want to tax out of them? because they hired legions of accounting to exploit bon jovi
and bruce springsteen to make sure they don't pay the same taxes of the rest of america. they pay an effective tax rate is something a lot lower than what 40%, 50% or whatever but ended reading. they have smart people, smart accountants. they hide their money offshore. they keep their money just as much as we do. go ahead. at a major money. michael moore is saying how dare you have film subsidies to take millions of dollars from the hard-earned citizens of michigan. what does he do? because it had and request $1 million. they can talk one thing and do something completely different because the media gets what to get away with it. they want exclusive interviews. chris rock calls the tea party race this in "esquire" magazine doesn't say what's the evidence
for? millions of people around the country disagree with the direction of mark obama has taken them. do you think every single one of them is a racist who based their american flag at a tea party rally? there is no file question. why? they want the exclusivity. that's why people like us who will use that takes to go ahead and get the interview and asked the question that the drones in the media won't. [applause] >> high, rough lumber from arlington, virginia. of the few conservatives in hollywood, it seems the liberal media likes to make them not to be as an a lot of a lot of people in my generation automatically listen to what the media has to say and assume conservatives in hollywood are and racers. what do you think can be done to make them think differently?
>> you have to get over the fact that the media or the left is going to make you had to be a and a racist. they are emotional. they threw a temper tantrum, a hissy fit. i remember it during the debate on whether or not to increase the debt ceiling, right? going broke, were already broke. how broke we want to be? last summer there was some republicans in congress have now come with guy to spend within our limits. you have sheila jackson lee from texas to get that inside there for barack obama and an increase of the debt limit because of his skin color. wide? that's over dealing with. first i would say get over it and never to be armed with the facts. mitt romney spoke to the naacp yesterday and while speaking to the naacp, the media covered it like i gosh, what a big deal.
some conservative, some republican and the lions den with people who are clearly an ally to his agenda and is probably uncomfortable being around. screw that narrative. i'm tired of republicans always been on the defensive, especially when you two parties certain analytical standpoint in this country. one party has a history of consistently standing up for civil rights. ending slavery, starting reconstruction, and a jim crow into the state treating people as people, not part of some victimize groups. and get democrats with antislavery bill. in fact there wasn't for senator dirksen from illinois her riled together 27 of his tiny band of bl to overcome a filibuster of the 1964 civil rights bill being filibustered by al gore's senior and robert
clansmen, we want to have the civil rights bill come in 1864. if democrats are returned in 1965 affably may not have needed the act. we had a proud history standing out and we should be on the tip of the tongue spit it out to their peers because they have not heard. getting some public school education while conveniently leave out all the facts for america look bad as the big bad country around the world and never looked that has america been some beacon of freedom. yes, toshio said? been no country has done more for civil rights and freedom in the history of the planet. don't be afraid to use the information you get here and talk to your peers. how do we overcome it? go ahead and talk to them. [applause] >> good afternoon, sir. john nietzsche cobey, chairman
of the high school in ohio. my question for you is for your presentation was seen how hollywood has an immense influence over society here in america. although you revealed through your presentation of many celebrities are hypocritical and even ticketed, my question is how do we as conservatives, both young and old kid in influence we can promote our values of limited government and individual freedom so must have the same influence hollywood has over media and society today on both the right and left? >> great question. we have an advantage today that not even ronald reagan had. he did not fox news or conservative talk radio or twitter in all these different applications. we have the ability to go ahead and bring to life stories the media refuses to cover.
the fact you have two people under the age of 25 that brought that acorn under cover of u2 video, the fact weekend fact check the mainstream media make a mockery on twitter which happens all the time, conservatives are dominating alternative sources of information. and that's a good thing. less and less people paying attention to what scott palin says on 60 minutes. i mean, when was the last time you watch 60 minutes for the cbs evening news? i can't remember the last time i watched it. and my parents really then watch it, but they do pay attention and shirt you are generation pays attention to alternative media. as long as we use the sources of information we have to our advantage, we can force the mainstream media into coverage. when chris rock called the tea party race is and i went ahead and confronted him and he attacked camerawoman for
everyone in d.c., not only did it make it like goodrich report for conservative leaning outlets, but it was on tmc and it was on a variety of saturday's blogs, individuals i could've never got my writing just an article by chris rock is a. i'll have to go ahead and confronted him and hated to do it en masse is because i'm a big fan of chris rock. i really enjoyed his comedy over the years and he's a successful rags to riches story, but if we use this alternative sources of information and aggressively put more into covering stories that usually ends up being the case. barry got it. [applause] >> hello, evan carter from southfield, michigan. my question was how do you in light of late chris rock situation, how do you plan these investigative journalism and
bushes so that you don't get seriously injured he can sit by you were investigating like a big athlete or something who is hypocritical. how do you do that to get the scoop, but in the same time protect yourself and make sure you're not totally beat up? >> i am not afraid of what these lefties can do. but the reality is you just never know. well, maybe chris rock doesn't have a bodyguard and goes ahead and takes a swing at me. who knows. people may confront in the future and may turn violent on their end. you can't really plan for that. we can go ahead and investigate the question in the go ahead and execute it, but besides that, a lot of that is spur of the moment and you've got to be on
guard essentially. so you know, if it does it turn violent because of what some liberal guys, that looks bad on them of course and it's an expression of liberalism. because what is liberalism? nothing more than -- >> a temper tantrum at the political stamp on it. [applause] >> and friend trenton new jersey msm sure you know that many young people are turned away from politics and don't care. i was wondering have you people tuned into this and how do you get people interested in all this? >> that's an excellent question. let's get through this. the fact picture of a summer conference to hear about, you know, alternative sources of information and hear from speakers from morning until night, you're not the advertised average high school student.
so your peers are going to be more interested in playing their game council were hangin out mcdonald's or just reading all day. how you make the stories then relevant relevant their lives is that i talked about earlier. that is speaking in a matter they understand. be funny. the reason jon stewart is so successful is the guy is a comedian and then more ideological but he presents information in a very informative, but funny manner as well. sometimes before you get to the hard truth of an item, you provide -- you provide almost some type of ms headache and before you go when what the scalpel, you go ahead and on the area and a lot of times humor is numb in the area. i'm always happy about life and the opportunities that have been afforded to me and i want to present information that matches my personality as much as i can.
he presents his ideas to them in a provocative, but yet funny way. especially once you do activism on campus. don't try to model conservative "new york times" or even be in national review because you lose your audience in front of you. go ahead and be provocative and saw the message because more often than not it's about the market. that's how movies can capture. you can say that movie, but the trailer looks so good. why? it's the market. many times it's drawing students in with the message and then you go on with the hard truth they would not have considered otherwise. aside from the provocative drawing in. [applause] well, guys, i appreciate always been at the young america foundation conference. i hope you will go ahead and
pick up hollywood hypocrites. also because you are a gas student, i have a free e-book for you. it is called seven ways to make a liberal cry like a little girl. i reveal some of my conservative ninja tag takes. i think you'll love it. just go to jason sign up and get your free e-book. you're going to laugh a lot. you'll learn and have more ammunition as he go back to your high school campuses. thank you and i hope you enjoy the rest of your time here. [applause] >> for more information, visit jason
>> here's a look at books being published this week.
>> what are you reading this summer? booktv wants to know. >> i'm reading things on foreign policy and on monetary policy. so they kind of put recently by sinclair lewis on foreign
policy. it was a novel. it won't have been here and also just recently, paul chappell had a book of on foreign policy and the peace revolution. so that fascinated me. i'm economics they read a book by lawyers as well as black swan, which is another financial book. so foreign policy and personal liberties judge napolitano and it's dangerous to be right when the government is wrong, that foreign policy and one i've read recently, to. >> for more information on this another reading list less, they say that seven out of work. >> now i'm